Treasures and Blessings

All of us have some personal treasures and blessings in memory that we would like to see preserved so that they are not lost to our grandchildren and future generations around the world.  I begin below with a few of my own.  I look forward to receiving many more from other grandparents, parents, and friends of children everywhere.

Comment from a Reader

[We need] the courage to face up to obvious basic logic, without procrastination – we have to find ways to make the positives of a long-term future take precedence over the negatives of risking a destabilized economy in the short-term, which could prevent the desired long-term – those risks have to be addressed, not covered over with temporary solutions that make basic problems worse.

John Denver’s Last Song

In a previous listing on this page I gave you some of the lyrics for “John Denver’s last song.” (See below).  I thought at that time the title was “Love is the Answer.”  I have since learned that the correct title is “The Wandering Soul.”  Also, while it is true that John Denver did not record the song before his untimely death in 1997, a video exists of him performing the song in 1995 at the Windstar Symposium.  For John Denver fans it is a rare and precious treasure.  Here is the link:

Comment from a Grandparent

I have followed up with your suggestion about talking to my grandchildren about natural places they value.  Since their parents take them cycling on the old Kettle Valley rail line – it is one of their  favorites.

Keep up the good work!    Have a great Christmas- winter season.

Contribution from a young reader

“Picture I took this summer while climbing The Chief” (in Squamish, British Columbia )

Reflections from a reader on what he will miss

I will miss this, what we are doing right now. The internet, your blog, the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere instantly. It’s a wondrous thing that we take for granted.

I will miss the feeling of safety, of certainty in the future. Actually I already miss it but it’s easy to forget the inconvenient knowledge and hide in the comfort of your electric bubble.

  Some special climate sensitive places in Australia, Canada and the USA

If we want a better world, there is nowhere to start but with ourselves.


Of sunflower, kids, coons and carousel

I believe that I am in this world for a purpose, that purpose being to put back into life more than I have taken out.


Iconic natural places around the world

Love is the Answer

John Denver’s last song, never recorded by him before his untimely death

In this magic hour between the dark and the dawn.

In the space between the silence and the song.

Suddenly the mystery is clear:

Love is only letting go of fear.

Love is the answer.

Love is the way.

Love is in knowing just what to do and what to say.

Love is the reason.

Love is the why.

Love is in Heaven right here on Earth and peace inside.

Inside your heart, deep in your soul, within each part, and in the whole:

Love is the answer.


2 Responses to Treasures and Blessings

  1. John Wong says:

    Thanks for this initiative Desmond.
    Under normal circumstances, I would say “opportunity” can fulfill a life. I know many don’t have it.
    Under chaotic circumstances, I would say “hope” can sustain adversity and life.
    To John Denver’s song, I would say: “The answer is Love. What is the question?”
    John Wong

    • Dear John:

      The question is “How do we build together a world where peace and prosperity for all is the true objective?”

      Love is the answer, meaing the embracing of meaningful relationships without the desire to dominate or control the other.


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